Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hong Kong/Chinese movies I seen lately

Another list of what I been watching lately

An Empress and the Warriors
Enjoyed it overall, not disappointed. Donnie Yen rules! But gotta say it's more of a Kelly Chen movie :) Girls rock!

Breaking News
Highly disappointed. Attempted to watch it 3 times and fell asleep in between movie. Overall, a bore.

Gen X Cops
Really enjoyed it. Really like the eye candy! Yummy!! Stephen Fung - my first Chinese/Hong Kong crush! Daniel Wu - another cutie! Nicholas Tse - cutie #2.

Gen Y Cops
Sequeal to Gen X Cops but minus Nicholas Tse, kinda sad because he was the main character. Not as good as the first part and add Edison Chen, not so bad after all.

Legendary Assassins
Love the fight scenes and stunts!

My Schoolmate, the Barbarian
Slapstick comedy with some fighting. Funny and very stupid. Stephen Fung and Nicholas Tse, I love those two :D

Jet Li. Andy Lau. Takeshi Kaneshiro. Awesome trio. This is Jet Li's best acting ever! Acting from all three is very impressive. Takeshi is so pleasing to my eyes :D

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