Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Japanese movies I've seen lately

Even though I watch Asian films, I don't write detailed reviews about them. There are plenty of sites for that.

I am just going to list a few from the top of my head that I've seen.

Departures (2008)
Best Foreign Film from the Oscars 2009. Well-deserved! A must-watch!!!

Goemon (2009)
I'm not a fan of Japanese movies but this one is an exception. Especially since it's an action movie. The other few Japanese movies that I enjoyed were not action-packed. I also have to add that the lead actor, Yosuke Eguchi, is hot!!

Machine Girl (2008)
Dumbest Japanese movie ever! Stratch that. The dumbest movie ever! Fake blood, stupid scenes, urgh....don't let the dvd cover fool you

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