Friday, October 24, 2008

Tmovie - Shutter (2004)

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In Bangkok, after celebrating a drinking party with his closest friends, the photographer Tun (Ananda Everingham) and his girlfriend Jane (Natthaweeranuch Thongmee) have a car accident on the road, with Jane hitting a girl. Tun does not allow her to help the girl and they ran away leaving the girl lying on the road. When Tun reveals his latest pictures, he finds some mysterious shadows, while the couple is systematically haunted by the ghost of the girl. Tun investigates and finds that the victim was his former shy and weird girlfriend Natre (Achita Sikamana), who studied with him in the college. Later Jane discloses deep and hidden secrets about the relationship of Natre, Tun and his friends.

When I first heard about this movie, I had to watch it. So many Hmong people were telling me how freaking this movie was. Many has said it is the scariest movie ever. Therefore, I finally saw it.

My thoughts - it is indeed haunting. While watching the film, I didn't see anything too spooky. It's those type of films that you will be freaked out later just thinking about the movie. On top of that, I didn't grow up hearing ghost stories from my parents like a lot of my Hmong friends and relatives have. No wonder I wasn't as freaked out about the movie as them! When they finally explained to me some of the significant meaning behind some of them, I can see why now.

This movie must have made a huge impact since Hollywood remade the film under the same title. My only problem (although I haven't seen the Hollywood version) is a lot of critics have written Shutter as a Japanese film where the Hollywood film has taken inspiration from. Plus the film is set in Japan. Okay, one more problem - why does the ex have to be a scary, psychotic ASIAN girl? I'm sure a white American chick could've done that too. We've seen that in American Hollywood films.

As I always say, watch the original first!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TWdrama - Mars (2004)

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The series started with Ling (零 Líng) (Vic Zhou) asking Qiluo (綺羅 / 绮罗 Qǐluó) (Barbie Hsu) for directions to a hospital rehab center. Reluctant to make any sort of communication, Qiluo drew a map to the location on the back of one of her sketches. After discovering the drawing which happened to be about a mother and child Ling was immediately drawn to it which led to his curiosity for Qiluo. The more Qiluo tried to brush him off the more he became curious about her until his fellow classmates begin to take notice. Ling learns from his best friend Daye (達也 / 达也 Dáyě) (who went to same high school) that Qiluo's personality suddenly changed from high school years with a distaste for men. He also learns that Daye has a crush on her since high school. When Ling saved Qiluo from being sexually harassed by their English teacher, she started to open up to him. In exchange for the final painting of Mother and Child, Ling promised to protect her from now on. Ling's special attention towards Qiluo stirred up jealousy on some of his ex-girlfriends which led to harsh bullying of Qiluo by those girls. One of them being Qing Mei.

Mars is actually the first ever Asian drama of any kind that I've ever watched. A few of my Hmong friends have tried to get me to watch Korean dramas but I simply refused to because I hated sappy, love stories. One of my friends guranteed me that I will fall in love with Mars. She was right! I absolutely love this drama! I loved it so much that I even read the Japanese manga version. The TWdrama stayed 95% faithful to the original version.
Having said that, I mainly enjoyed the drama due to its lack of a romantic, sappy love story. No love story. There were a lot of darkness in the drama which glued me to my seat. I had to find out what happenes next! So many secrets -- along with some old memories being erased. I just loved it!

Vic Zhou was definitely pleasing to the eyes. I'm not a big fan of guys with long hair but Vic rocked it! He's actually the only few Asian guys who looks hot with the long hair.
I prefer guys with short hair. Therefore, of course, I found him better looking with short hair. Let me just take a moment right now to breathe.

There, I'm done. So hot.

Barbie Hsu looked so innocent and boring, to me.
However, when looking her up - this babe is so gorgeous!

I'm glad Vic and Barbie are a couple in real life cause they look so adorable together! Update news - they just broke up: January 2008. :(
Sorry for the misspelled use of their names. Romanizing it can be spelled in so many ways! I have this problem with the Hmong language as well!
Please, please give this TWdrama a watch! Highly recommended! If you don't, at least read the manga. Or just watch it for Vic's hotness. Honestly, this movie actually made me appreciate Nascar drivers.