Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cmovie - Seoul Raiders (2005)

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Seoul Raiders is the sequel to director Jingle Ma's hugely successful blockbuster Tokyo Raiders. Tony Leung reprises his role as Japanese special agent Lam, this time on an intricate search for a pair of "Avenger" plates used for the making of counterfeit U.S. currency. During the hunt, he comes across foxy lady JJ (Shu Qi), and US Embassy staff member Owen (Richie Ren), who manages to con the plates out of Lam and flee to Korea. Lam and JJ immediately follow Owen to Korea, only to be confronted by the legendary kingpin known as Polar Bear, the head of the largest counterfeit organization in Asia...

I saw the prequel Toyko Raiders a year ago and found it entertaining. Plus having one of the sexiest Asian actress, Shu Qi, to star in the sequel is a plus! Instead of Japan being the destination, this time it's Korea! Yah!

Movie started off very well with lots of chasing and fighting, then all of a sudden - the story got dull.

Movie started to turn a bit too glamorous and focused on the hot assistant girls. Instead of them showing more of their martial arts skill, they were just being there to look good.

Although I just complained about them, I do like the fact that these girls can still look hot and be tough.

Glad Shu Qi got to kick some a$$ and look good. I love her flexible moves. She's one of my fave actresses in the Hong Kong industry.

Plus there were quite a bit of comedic moments, which was good but then I got bored easily.

Overall a disappointment, but if you're a Tony Leung or Shu Qi fan, it may be worth it. Just for them.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kmovie - Too Beautiful to Lie (2004)

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Too beautiful to Lie is a textbook example of manufactured romantic comedy. Kim is Joo Young-joo, a sickeningly lovable ex-con who accidentally comes into possession of a family heirloom engagement ring soon after her parole. She lifted it from the actual thief, but was unable to return it to rightful owner Choi Hee-Chul (Kang Dong-won). She instead journeys to his rural hometown and tries to return it to his family, but thanks to a variety of misunderstandings, miscommunications, and general silliness, his family comes to believe that she's his family comes to believe that she's his fiancee. Even worse, the story becomes that he knocked her up, and wants her to have an abortion. When Hee-Chul arrives with his real girlfriend following shortly thereafter, sparks of epic proportions are guaranteed to fly.

Too Beautiful to Lie is one of all-time-favorite Korean movies! I enjoyed the comedic confusion scenes. Hee Chul's family is so much fun!

When I first saw this movie, I wasn't convince Kim Ha Neul to play a convict. She looks so innocent! She got me though. Loved every moment with her! She is very natural with comedy, just like her role in My Tutor Friend.

Kang Don Won had the bowl haircut but is so natural at acting. His goofiness and getting into trouble with his family is hilarious.

If you haven't seen this yet, go watch Too Beautiful to Lie now!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tmovie - Tiger Blade (2005)

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When a highly volatile case confronts the police, a young maverick cop with mystical powers is put on the case. YOSTHANA teams up with the seductive DUANGDAO, and together they must hunt down and capture the brutal and deadly 'FIVE BULLETS BANDIT'. The gang is led by the fearsome, MAHESAK, who like Yosthana is skilled in the art of sorcery and magic. Mahesak can only be defeated with The Tiger Blade, a magical and ancient sword, replete with the powers of nature, and the forces of good. Yosthana must find the Tiger Blade, and bring Mahesak to justice, before the bandits bring total chaos to the city. The stage is set for a gruesome battle between the two nemesis, but only one can survive.

After seeing trailers and reading about the synopsis, I decided to try to watch Tiger Blade. The beginning of the movie started off well with lots of non-stop action and old-school fight moves, which I love! I miss the Shaw Brother-fighting style. The movie fell completely through the middle part. There were too many subplots, and the movie just became too confusing and dull. Without the fight scenes, I would have turned the movie off instantly.

Or it could be I expected a better movie. It's just that watching the beginning; I expected the movie to turn out better than it was suppose to be. Having a female badass kick fight was awesome. I love to see that, rather than have the heroes take up most of the credit. Plus the leading hero was "easy on the eyes" as well!

I'm not very familiar with Thai stars. Therefore, I had to look them up. The leading man, Atsadawut Luengsuntorn is definitely good-looking, and I enjoyed looking at him. Having martial arts skills, or very good choreography, helped me watch the movie at ease.

The female leading lady, Phimonrat Phisarayabud, had the diva-effect that I enjoyed.

Maybe with not too many loop-holes from the movie, I could've enjoyed it more. Or I should have had less expectations. Since the movie title definitely had to do with "some blade," you knew it revolve around a powerful sword. Sword in the Stone, anyone??

Friday, November 7, 2008

Kmovie - Seven Days (2007)

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Ji-yeon is a successful lawyer and single mother to a seven-year-old girl. On her daughter’s field day, Ji-yeon competes with other parents in a running race and almost comes in the first place. However, nowhere could she find the girl who’s been watching and rooting for her mother to win. Later that day, Ji-yeon’s receives a phone call from an anonymous man, who tells her he has her daughter in custody and proposes a deal. To see her daughter alive, Ji-yeon needs to prove a convicted murderer not guilty on his second trial, only within a week. Ji-yeon tries to convince herself the murderer should be innocent, but the encounter with the victim’s mother makes her understand what drove crime-to-crime.

One of my buddies sent me this movie. Thanks so much! It's actually thanks to her that I've been interested in Korean cinema. If she wants me to point her out, I'll do it next time. :)

Before watching the movie, I went with no expectations. I do love me some thriller/suspense movies. Another plus is Yujun Kim. I adore her from the American-hit TV show, Lost.

I loved being at the edge of my seat each time. That's what makes a good thriller to me. The conclusion was a bit confusing. I had to re-think of it. After much consideration, I finally came to my own conclusion. Why did the kidnapper go through all that to achieve the goals?

Despite that slight flaw, overall, I really enjoyed it. I have been on hiatus on many Korean films. I am not usually kept up-t0-date with the cinema like I am with Indian cinema.

It's rumored that this movie is in the remake-pending list for Hollywood. Read here. I wonder who would play Kim's role? Or let her play it? Why not? The lady can act and is awesome. And she speaks very good English!!

I really like her and would like to see her suceed in Hollywood.