Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Filipino movies I saw recently

One of my Pinay friends wanted me to start watching Tagalog movies so she sent me a few to watch. Now since I've seen a handful, she started to send me more.

This time, a few of the movies have hot and sexy Derek Ramsay!!! He is hawt!

You can always attract me with hot, sexy men with six-pack abs :D

And I Love You So (2009)

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Lara (Bea Alonzo), a preschool teacher and owner, is widowed five months after she married her boyfriend of five years, Oliver (Derek Ramsey). Several months after his death, she meets Chris (Sam Milby), a young man also suffering from the loss of his spouse. They become friends and help each other move on. But as their friendship grows, their unmistakable attraction for each other grows. Can these two broken people find love again? Or will the ghosts of their past tear them apart?

The movie started off a bit slow but overall, I liked it.

I have to admit, when I first saw Sam, I was like, no way...but as the movie progressed, I started to love him. He has a soft, yet edgy side to him, which made me love him. Maybe it was his character but I loved him so much in the movie.

Derek is like the perfect husband, a little to perfect for me.

It was Bea's movie all the way. I was a little annoyed with her character at first but I loved how her character transferred from a naive girl to an independent woman.

One More Chance (2007)


Basha (Bea Alonso) is an architect in the same firm as her fiancé Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz), who is an engineer. They belong to the same close-knit group of friends and have been together for five years until Basha gets fed up with Popoy's controlling but well-meaning ways and opts out of the relationship, building a new life for herself. Popoy goes on self-destruct mode but is later able to recuperate in the kind arms of Trisha (Maja Salvador). Basha realizes that he wants him back but things have already gotten too complicated.

Best line - You had me at my best, she loved me at my worst.

Good movie. I loved it. I loved how both characters had to make changes in their lives to know what they have been missing. I love that both characters had to grow because they've been together for so long that they had to find themselves again.

Derek was in the movie just for eye candy :D

John is such an amazing actor! Wow! I am so impress with him! I would like to see more of him.

Bea is cute and sassy. I really like her.