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Kmovie - Legend of the Evil Lake (2003)

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As the tribal age of darkness and incantation comes to its end, with the birth of new kingdoms, the Kingdom of Shilla led by PARK Hyokkose destroys Auta Tribe, a tribe that worships the Great Tree. The vast hole where the Great Tree once stood is filled with the blood and hatred of Auta Tribe and it turns into a dark lake. Hyokkose thrusts the Sword into the Great Tree to seal off the sorcery power of Auta Tribe.

1000 years later...

In the last years of Queen Chinsong's reign, the Unified Kingdom of Shilla has deteriorated into a weakening nation with ongoing wars and the failing frontiers. It is at the brink of a complete destruction. General Biharang, a trusted warrior of Queen Chinsong, faithfully fights for his country but after years of countless battles, his only wish is to live a quiet life with his beloved woman Jaunbie. One day, while General Biharang is out in another battle, unknown assassins attempt to murder Jaunbie. As she tries to escape from them, she accidentally throws herself into the lake where the malice spirit of Auta Tribe lies deep within.

The evil spirit of Auta decides to revenge against the Shilla Dynasty through Jaunbie, who had fallen into the lake. 'When darkness of the night hides the moon of thousands years of hatred, the great revenge will begin. And the greatest love will become the greatest tragedy.

I've never seen a Korean movie that took placed in the golden era. All the Korean movies I've seen have been mostly romantic comedies and horror films. What I do love about Korean movies versus Bollywood films is in Korean movies and/or dramas, the girls don't have to make a dramatic transformation for the guys to like them. The guys will like the girl no matter how she looks. They like the girls for their personality. Not in Bollywood films, girls gotta change their looks for the guys to notice them - ahem Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Ishq Visk, Main Hoon Naa, etc. Okay, this post isn't about Korean versus Bollywood films. Okay, I should also post this on my Indian cinema blog, which I should soon. All the Korean movies I've seen so far, everyone dresses in modern clothing so I was surprise at The Legend of the Evil Lake.

I love watching historical epic films of China. I'm a huge martial arts fan too - maybe I should start blogging on Hong Kong films? Should I make another blog for that?

Anyways, to get back to the post (again), I was very impress with the movie. I like watching wild wuxia. For some reason, I love when a female gets to kick ass. It doesn't matter if she's is the villian or heroine.

Although this movie wasn't an introductory to Korean cinema, I was more impress with the style of the movie than the acting. I didn't pay attention much to who was acting. Being so glued on to the tv screen, I enjoyed the movie for it's visual stunts.

Being unfamiliar with the Korean history and culture, I was amused by their traditional outfits.

Although the love story has a major part of the movie, the fight scenes is what sets it apart.

It received a special screening at the 2003 Asian Film Market in Singapore. The eye-catchy cinematography, fight scenes, and great acting makes up for the lack of story. For those who loved Hong Kong films such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or House of Flying Daggers should watch Legend of the Evil Lake.

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