Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kmovie - Untold Scandal (2003)

Synopsis - Netflix
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Set in 18th century Korea, this retelling of Dangerous Liaisons follows morality-deficient cousins Lady Cho (Lee Mi-Suk) and Cho-won (Bae Yong-Jun) as they scheme to ruin the lives of innocents. When Lady Cho asks Cho-won to bed her husband's lover-to-be (Lee So-yeong), Cho-won ups the ante and goes after an even more virtuous female. If he succeeds, Lady Cho must sleep with her cousin. But Cho-won begins to fall in love with his intended target.

A friend thought I'll like this movie. Unfortunately, it was a Thai dubbed version. I prefer to always see any film in the original language. What I liked about this movie is it's beautiful cinetography.
This movie is the Korean version of Cruel Intensions, a movie I really liked. Everything is similar except how the ending is executed. I prefer the Hollywood version's ending. Overall, nothing special about the movie if you have ever seen Cruel Intensions. If not, you may enjoy this movie.

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