Friday, September 18, 2009

Tmovie - Body #19 (2007)

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Chon is suffering from nightmares. He tries not to sleep because he's scared of a girl that he sees each night in his dreams. In the dreams, the girl screams for help before she is cruelly killed. Ae, Chon's sister is worried about the illusion that Chon sees in his dreams, so she introduces him to a psychiatrist. Chon tries to prove that what he sees is not just the illusion. Finally, Chon is right when some clues in his nightmares lead him to a morgue number 19. And now, the story of the dead body inside the morgue is gradually revealed.

After my complaint of the Thai movie, Scared, I decided to take my chance on another Thai movie. This time, it is Body #19. I don't watch many Thai movies, but for the ones that I do watch - Horror is the genre.

After watching the first ten minutes of the movie, I have to admit, I thought I was watching a Korean horror movie. The way the movie executes the storytelling is brilliant. It leads you wondering what is going on and about to happen.

Not only does the script seem "Korean-like," I felt the guy who played Chon, Arak Amornsupasiri, has that Korean look. You can call me sterotyping or whatever. But this is my blog, and that's just my opinion :) What I also learned about Arak is he's the lead singer of the Thai rock bank, Slur. Arak did a wonderful job portraying the confused, naive Chon.

When a movie makes me re-think about what happens and re-evaluate the circumstances and sequences, then I really enjoyed it. Enjoyed the script and narration of how the movie is unfolded. The dream sequences were done well and gave me chills down my spine.
Right when I thought the movie will end, I was proven wrong again. Wow. Great performances from all the cast members.

Besides the unique, brilliant script, the movie is very gory and graphic. Definitely worth a watch for horror fans.

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NruabSiab said...

dang girl... koj saib koj tsis ntshai li lod??? i'm a chicken to watch scarry/horror movies... but this looks interesting... maybe someday when the sun is sunny and i have a lover cuddle with me.. LOL..