Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Detective (2007)

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Holding shop from a small dinky office, near-sighted, debt-ridden private detective Tam (Aaron Kwok) talks big, but does small business. He gets an interesting new job when hard-drinking friend Lung (Shing Fui Oi) shows up one day with the picture of a woman whom he claims is trying to kill him. Unable to locate the woman, Tam starts looking up her acquaintances, but he seems to always be in the wrong place at the right time. At his first stop, he walks into a man hanging from the ceiling, the first of many dead bodies he stumbles upon. Tam becomes increasingly obsessed with finding the truth behind the mysterious deaths, but digging too deep could have dangerous consequences.

The Detective also known as C+ is a fast-paced thriller. From the first scene to the very end, it kept you on the tip of your seat for you to see what's going to happen. It had a few haunting moments but overall, it's an awesome thriller. You kept wondering where this killer was...or if it was really who the movie makes you think it is.

Aaron Kwok is a good looking, underrated actor.  I look forward to more of his filmography. Aaron has definitely improved within the past few films I've seen of his.

Definitely worth watching!

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