Thursday, July 7, 2011

C-movie: Divergence (2005)

Synopsis - IMDB

A cop, a lawyer, and an assassin cross paths after the murder of a federal witness and the kidnapping of a famous pop star.

Did I ever mention that Daniel Wu is so adorable and my favorite Hong Kong actor?

He's so versatile. Gorgeous.

I know about his background. People criticize him for not being Chinese enough since he grew up in America but since I'm not Chinese, I don't care. I love him.

Danile plays the hitman in Divergence. I just love that he takes on that diversity in his film choices. Come on, his first film ever, he played a homosexual!

I think the casting was just right.

Daniel as the hitman. Aaron as the cop. Ekin as the lawyer.

My only problem is the many crying scenes of Aaron! Oh gosh! He is such a cutie-pie but needs to step it up on the acting part. I cannot believe he won an award for the movie! If anyone it should've been Daniel or Ekin!

Ekin had such an interesting, silent role. He was so badass!

I love how the movie makes all three men connected, all with different lifestyles and paths.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. A lot! I would love to see a remake of it too.

9 out of 10

PS - I did see this on Netflix instant view also.

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