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Kdrama - Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)

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Lee Soo Hyun is adopted into Kang Min Ki's family because his parent's were murdered by gang memebers. They both grew up to become NIS agents, brothers, and best friends. Suh Ji Woo and Soo Hyun, who knew each other from childhood, are accidentally reunited when the beautiful Ji Woo caught the attention of playboy Kang Min Ki. She and Soo Hyun are separated once again because of Soo Hyun's vengeance against his parent's enemies.

When I first heard about this drama, I was very excited because (1) Lee Jun Ki is so adorable and good looking in this drama, (2) it's an action drama (sappy love stories bore me), (3) some shots were filmed in Thailand (did I tell you that I love that? I was born there!).
I love Lee Jun Ki's character in My Girl but wasn't happy about his metrosexual looks. Thank goodness he cut his hair off! He's looking sooo adorable. I'm excited to watch more dramas and films of him now. His character Soo Hyun wants revenge which he played it very well. When he cried, I cried. I mentioned about his martial arts skills and he shows it off even more in Time Between Dog and Wolf. When he kicks, I love how flexible his legs stretch and kicks.
Nam Sang Mi is a pleasure to watch. I want to see more films/dramas with her. I actually went to look her up. I couldn't believe she was in She's On Duty, Spy Girl, and Too Beautiful to Lie. She's one actress who looks different and plays totally different roles! Love her for that. What I also love about her is she isn't super skinny like most Korean actresses are. She is slim with muscle tone. So far, she is the best dress Korean actress on screen that I've seen. Maybe because her character Ji Woo is rich.
Jung Kyung Ho is good at his role. I first saw him in Gangster High. His character Min Gi loves Jin Woo too. Why does there always have to be some kind of love triangle. And on top of that, with siblings? Oh well. Gotta to create some drama, right? It kind of bothered me that he kept pursuing Ji Woo with him being a flirt which was shown at the beginnig of the drama but once he realize that Ji Woo didn't care for him and was more interested in her childhood friend, he wanted her more.
Time Between Dog and a Wolf is a must see. The first episode keeps you on the edge of your seat and you have to watch the rest! It's not your typical Korean drama. Most dramas aren't action packed. Like all dramas, there will be some parts that drag. Lee Jun Ki - you won my heart. Nam Sang Mi - you're close enough to becoming parts that drag but what do you expect with watching 16 episodes? I do have to complain about the ending because I wanted it to end differently. Definitely worth a one of my faves!

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