Friday, August 29, 2008

Kmovie - My Sassy Girl (2001)

Synopsis - Shenyuepop
Photos - Cine 21 & Soompi

Gyeon-woo is a single Korean college student, still not very sure of what he wants to become in the future. One night, on his way back home, he meets an extremely beautiful girl, but who is also completely drunk. Because the girl talked to Gyeon-woo before falling unconscious, the people surrounding them begin to think that the girl is Gyeon-woo's girlfriend. Having no other choice than helping the girl, he decides to leave her in a motel, since he doesn’t know were she lives. The next morning Gyeon-woo gets a call from this mysterious girl who is very angry about him and wants to know everything that happened the past night. She tells him to meet her right now at the exit of the metro. Gyeon-woo thinking about this, decides to go see the girl. From that night, Gyeon-woo and the girl will become good friends, in a strange sense. As the relation progresses, Gyeon-woo begins to discover how crazy the girls really is, with all her wacky behaviors, angry attitude and always wanting him to please her the way she wants, even if it mean that Gyeon-woo will pass for a complete idiot in public places or gets beaten by the girl. But even if Gyeon-woo suffer, physically and mentally, he really thinks that this beautiful girl will have some sorrow in her and he really wants to help her to get better. But at what price?

My Sassy Girl is on almost everyone's top ten list of favorite Korean movies of all times. I've heard so much about this movie that I had to watch it. At that time, I have never seen a Korean movie. Honestly I wasn't interested either. So I finally watched it. I did like it but didn't love it like everyone else did. I rather watch My Tutor Friend or Too Beautiful to Lie or even The Classic. Maybe my expectations were too high which caused me not to like My Sassy Girl as much.

Having watching it again, I learn to appreciate the movie more. Come on, this movie has been remade in Hollywood and Bollywood. It has to be a good, enough movie, huh?

What I didn't like about the movie was so much abuse - so much of the girl slapping the guy and her actions to him. He was so dumb for staying with her. With My Sassy Girl being the first Korean movie I've ever seen, I didn't know what to expect in a romantic movie as many people claimed that the genre My Sassy Girl was in. I didn't expect a romantic movie to have so much abuse, lol.

Okay, so what did I like about it? I loved the second half of the movie, the novelist part. The movie was told beautifully about Jung Jo and her past relationship, why her life is full of sorrows. Jung Jo was known as "the girl" in most of the movie.

Memorable Lines from the movie. Taken from Juxtopose

The Girl: What do you want to order?
Gyun-Woo: Cherry Jubilee... wait... I'll have Mango Tango... or Shooting Star... Jamonka Almond sounds good too... Okay, I'll just have Love Me.
The Girl: Wanna die? Drink coffee!

The Girl: You know why the sky is blue?
Gyun-Woo: Because the reflection from the sunshine causes...
The Girl: Wrong! It's to make me happy. I wanted it to be blue, so it's blue. You know why fire is hot? It's all for me. I wanted it to be hot, so it's hot. You know why we have four seasons here in Korea?
Gyun-Woo: For you?
The Girl: Correct.
Fate is building a bridge of chance for the one you love.
I think I have met a man from the future... From your future

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Glad you like the film more after seeing it again.

Did you see the Bollywood remake or are you planning to?