Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nicki's list of hot Asian guys

This is a list of my hot Asian guys. Most of the guys here are Korean because I've seen more Korean films. If I have not included a hot Asian guy that you think I should include, please comment below and let me know. So that I can watch their films in the future, hehehe….

Here they are, in no particular order….only ten though

Yoo Gun

One of the hottest guys I ever saw just by a glimps of a picture. He looks a bit like the Hollywood actor James Franco who I absolutely adore and love!

Korean hottie - watch him in Bad Couple or My Mighty Princess

Won Bin
Another guy who I think is sooo adorable by just pictures. Unlike most Korean actors, his movies are not the romantic type but more dramatic to show-cast his acting ability.
Korean hottie - watch him in My Brother or Taegukgi

Lee Dong Wook

He's my favorite actor and one of the best looking guys in Korea. Plus with long or short hair, he is hot!
Korean hottie - watch him in My Girl or Arang

Daniel Henney
Although I'm not a fan of his acting, his hot looks make up for it. Looking forward to seeing him in Hollywood! When I went to watch Slumdog Millionaire with one of my friends, I saw a trailer for Wolverine -- I got excited and told my friend who Daniel Henney was when I saw him on the big screen!
Korean hottie - watch him in My Name is Kim Sam Soon or Seducing Mr Perfect

Kwon Sang Woo
How can I not include him?? He is the reason why I continued watching Korean movies. It was his studly role in My Tutor Friend that captured me.

Korean hottie - watch him in My Tutor Friend or Stairway to Heaven

Aaron Kwok
Pictures do not do justice to this fine man! You have to watch him in action. Like most Hong Kong stars, he also is a well-known singing star.

Hong Kong hottie - watch him in Divergence or Legend of the Liquid Sword

Jay Chou
Besides being one of the most popular C-pop singer, Jay has been in several movies as well. Just adding on to his fame. Plus add directing to that list as well.

Hong Kong hottie - watch him in Curse of the Golden Flower or Secrets

Edison Chen

Wow, Chinese/HK stars are excelling in multi-tasking careers as a singer and actor. Not to mention good looking ones too!

Hong Kong hottie - watch him in Infernal Affairs or Dog Bite Dog

Vic Zhou

Never did I ever think that a guy with long hair would look good. Man, Vic is hot.

Taiwanese hottie - watch him in Mars or Silence

Takeshi Kaneshiro
With a versatile background, he has been seen in Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Japanese cinema, now that's hot! Not to mention he can act! Even the American audience has seen him and adores him.

Taiwanese/Hong Kong/Japanese hottie - watch him in House of Flying Daggers or The Battle of Red Cliff

Tak Sakaguchi
Not a huge fan of Japanese movies but Tak sure made me curious to watch him in more J-movies. That's hotness! Pictures don't do him justice either. I may just have to screencap a few stills from his films and review them.
Japanese hottie - watch him in Shinobi or Death Trance

Gong Yoo
I know I only said 10, but I felt I had to include Gong Yoo as well. Although honestly speaking, I was attracted to his looks at first, but damn, after watching him in more movies, I learn to appreciate his cuteness! Plus the guy sure looks like he can kiss.
Korean hottie - watch him in She's on Duty or Coffee Prince

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