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Kmovie - Madeleine (2002)

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Ji-suk is a Korean Language & Literature major who dreams of becoming a writer. He starts delivering newspapers part-time. He goes to a hair salon to cut his long hair. A charming woman calls him by name. She is none other than Hee-jin, his junior high classmate. Dreaming of becoming a hair designer, Hee-jin is a senior hair designer at the salon despite her young age. Ji-suk is drawn to the dignified beauty. Hee-jin is also drawn to the untainted pureness of Ji-suk. Their paths cross by chance a few more times and the two grow closer. Finally, Hee-jin suggests a 'one month romance.' "Neither one of us can say 'Let's break up' before the month is up! After a month, we part ways grandly! What do you think? Fun, huh?" Ji-suk is caught off guard. Seeing this, Hee-jin smiles at him sweetly... Ji-suk who ponders over everything seriously. Hee-jin who is filled with playfulness and is cheerful. They have 0% in common but together, they learn of a new world unfamiliar to them. Their romance is more splendid than they expected. But one day, Ji-suk's first love, Sung-hae, shows up. Majoring in film, Sung-hae is the lead singer of a band and very cool. Hee-jin gets jealous over Sung-hae and starts to fight with Ji-suk. It is the first time they argue since their month of romance began. And to make things worse, Hee-jin is faced with an enormous decision...

Finally I get to watch this movie! It took me a while to finally come around to watch it. I needed my Kmovie fix since it has been a while that I've seen any Kmovies. Definitely didn't want to watch any love triangle or romantic comedy. My friend told me that I would like this simple love story. Yes, indeed, I did!

Jo In Seoung plays the dorky, sweet guy very well. I've only seen him in a few films and enjoy watching him every time. The way he squints when he's shy is really adorable. He plays Ji Suk, the class President from high school who loves to read books and hopes to write a book one day.

Sin Min Ah is such a cutie! She looks a bit too young at times because of her innocent face. Playing Hee Jin, she is this straight-forward, truthful girl who is just carefree and living life. Ever since high school, she has always wanted to become a hair stylist and living that dream. Sin Min Ah is so good. I can not wait to see more of hers!!

Park Jeong Ah plays Sung Hae. She is really cute but the dreads has got to go. Even though she suppose to be this rock star, the dreads didn't fit the image. Maybe blue/red streaks in her hair would've done it. She didn't have a huge role but it was a significant one -- the girl who Ji Suk used to have a crush on and he had a crush on her too in high school.

The movie is titled Madeleine for the popular cookies in France. Ji Suk tells Hee Jin about having nostalgia moments when eating them.

What I love most about the movie is it shows who your soulmate really is meant to be. No matter what happens, you're bound to be together. The movie is slow at times but it just tells a simple, sweet story.

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