Monday, March 30, 2009

Cmovie - Sha Po Lang (2005) or also known as SPL

Photos & Synopsis - Wu Jing

Sha Po Lang refers to three stars, each representing a person's personality and fate, in Chinese astrology - Qi Sha, Po Jun and Tan Lang, or Killing, Obliteration and Avarice.

A crimelord (Sammo Hung) covers his tracks so well that he always gets away from all crimes he does, assisted by four fast-talking English lawyers. A professional assassin (Wu Jing), who never fails on his assignment, appearing out of nowhere. Four policemen so eager to nab the crimelord that they will stop at nothing, insofar as taking justice into their own hands. Standing in their ways is a new police inspector (Donnie Yen) who goes strictly by the book. Thus begins an intricately woven high-octane action thriller that is full of complications, of explosive actions, exhilarating car chases, intense shootouts and realistic fist to fist combats from the award-winning screenwriters Szeto Kam-Yuen and Wu Wei Lun.

One of my favorite Hong Kong flicks ever! I love how the story is told - very fast paced and keeps me wanting to see what is going to happen next. When it first hit dvd, I remember watching it, my hubby was going to the store but ended up staying watching the whole movie with me! He was so invested in the movie from the beginning that he didn't want to miss out any scenes. That's how good this movie is!

Donnie Yen is the most underrated martial artist ever!!! More people should know about him! The guy is so calm but kicks ass! I've seen him in the Iron Monkey but still not enough Donnie!

The slick martial art was old school with no special effects, that's what made me love it even more. I miss the old school style but still love what is coming out. Ahem, Stephen Chow movies!

I've had success in recommending this film to all my friends and family. Each one of them loved it. However, I know that someone out there will dislike this film. It's okay. I loved it. That's all that matters.

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