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Kmovie - Please Teach Me English (2003)

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Please Teach Me English is a romantic comedy poking fun at the national obsession with learning English. Young Ju, a young civil servant obligaed to learn the pesky language; and all because not a single official could understand the foreigner who charged into the local authority to complain about being over-charged in English. However, as Young Ju takes a shine to Moon Su at the language school she enrolls in, shame then that Moon Su has only eyes for the Aussie teacher, Jatherine. The fun begins as the pupil desire to learn English from her teacher turns into a desire to beat her at love....

It's been a while since I"ve seen Please Teach Me English. I re-watched it today because my daughter's friend just recently gotten into anything K0rean. While I was flipping through my Korean dvd collection, I knew that she would like Please Me English. I was correct. But while re-watching it, I remembered how much I adored the movie.

Although I am going to point out what made me cringe about the movie is the poor English by both leads. Now, now, I understand that both are trying to learn English. It just sounded a bit funny. I mainly cringed cause I felt really bad for them. I guess I should be quiet since they probably laugh at me if they heard me try to speak some Korean.

What made me enjoy the movie a lot is the humor! I love the video gaming feel, which got me laughing non-stop!

I've mentioned it before but I love Kmovies for letting the girl or guy be themselves without having a transformation for the other person to fall for them. I love how they stay real throughout the movie.

Young Ju is a dorky girl who falls for a good-looking guy who thinks of her as "plain" or "normal." Looking beneath those spectacles, nerdy outfits, and pigtails, you will see a beautiful girl.

OMG! This is the actress Lee Na Young who plays Young Ju. Now, she's a hottie!!!

I ain't gonna lie. I didn't think Moon Su was all that! He was decent. Not a guy who I would take a second glance. Admittedly, I never thought of Jang Hyuk as good-looking.

But boy, was I wrong!! After seeing him in recent photos, I had to take a double look and change my opinion on him!

I've concentrated on both of their looks and failed to talk about their acting. Both are great. It's sad but I've only seen Lee Na Young in this movie, nothing else yet. As for Jang Hyuk, I've seen him in Windstruck, So Close, S Diary, and Volcano High.

If you want a good laugh, then Please Teach Me English is for you.

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