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Cmovie - PTU (2003)

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Johnny To's police drama PTU details the ramifications of an officer losing his weapon. Seargant Lo (Lam Suet), head of the police anti-crime division, finds his gun missing after an altercation with a gang. Police Tactical Unit (PTU) team leader Mike Ho (Simon Yam), not wanting to get the soon-to-be-promoted Lo in hot water, gives him some time to recover the firearm. While Li and Mike attempt to find the gun before the gang kills anyone with it, police investigators suspect that there may be corruption within the PTU. To filmed the picture off-and-on for over two years before it played at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival. ~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

Directed by Johnnie To Kei Fung

**Simon Yam Tat Wah, Lam Suet, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Ruby Wong Cheuk Ling, Raymond Wong Ho-Yin, Eddy Ko Hung, Wong Tin Lam, Lo Hoi Pang, Kenneth Cheung

PTU stands for Police Tactical Unit

One night in the underground streets of Hong Kong, police officer Fay Sa loses his gun in an attempt to catch some low life gangsters. This might not seem like a big deal but in China, a police officer who loses his gun loses his job too and might get a prison sentence.

Fay Sa needs that gun before dawn and to help him find it he will get the assistance of his friend Mike Ho, a leading guy of one of the PTU sections, who’s methods are sometimes over the edge. However, to make things worst for Fay Sa, the killing of the son of a big triad boss and a woman detective who suspects that something is fishy with Fay Sa will complicate the search of the lost gun.

With under 100 minutes, PTU explores the dirty cops and gangsters. Interesting enough, the movie was mostly shot in the dark, in the night time. The lighting and special camera effects is an extra plus in the movie. Definitely worth a watch!

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