Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fmovie - Batanes (2007)

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Pam (Iza Calzado) meets Rico (Joem Bascon) an Ivatan, and decides to leave her stressful life in the city to follow him to Batanes to meet his parents Boy and Lydia (Bembol Roco and Daria Ramirez, respectively) and marry him. Pam tries to adapt to the Ivatan way of life but hates the sea that Rico loves so much. Her hatred for the sea intensifies when her husband Rico dies in a fishing accident. Pam is devastated and decides to go back to Manila. But when she sensed that the sea was laughing at her failure, she chose to stay in Batanes to be with Rico's family. In one of her trips to the sea, she accidentally meets Kao Ken Chu, a Taiwanese, whom she rescues during a storm. As they spend time together, the two eventually fall for each other despite language barriers and cultural differences.

One of my Pinay friends have been sending me a few Filipino films to watch. Although I did enjoy Moments of Love and Eternity, Batanes fell a little short.

The beginning was really fast paced but it fell though after the exit of Rico. Afterwards, it was slow and looked like it was shot on a very low budget. I applaud the director for capturing the gorgeousness of the island of Batanes. However,I wanted to see a tighter direction.

The storyline is not bad. It's a case of two people who fall in love who speak different languages. Both had a hurtful past and could relate to each other.

Since the other two Filipino films I've seen starred the lovely Iza Calzado, I didn't mind watching Batanes. I think she can be cute, gorgeous, hot, sexy, all that. She is a good actress. She plays the heartbroken Pam who still loves her deceased husband but finds love with Kao.

The actor who played Rico is good looking! Too bad he had a short role! He plays the husband of Pam. I had to look him up. He is Joem Bascom. I wouldn't mind seeing more of his movies! He is definitely eye candy! I like! Need to see more!

Ken Chu plays Kao. The Taiwanese man who wonders on Batanes and eventually falls for the Filipino beauty, Pam. Ken is a well-known Taiwanese actor/singer.

Worth it only to see how adorable Joem Bascon is. Oh yeah, for Iza Calzado too, she's always great to see!


Er said...

DArn... this movie talks nothing about the Ivatans of Batanes. Poorly done researched and very selfish way of presenting a culture which is not something Batanes and which is not something Ivatan.

I am an Ivatan and I am sorry but I really am insulted with this movie.

Nicki said...

I'm sorry you feel that way but I don't think the movie was meant to show the culture of the Ivatans. It was never meant to be that way. If you watch it Iza was married into the family but the movie is about HER struggles, a non Ivatan, who is mourning after her dead husband and finds love with a Taiwanese.