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Kmovie - Arang (2006)

Synopsis - Arang2006
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Veteran detective So-young (Song Yoon Ah) and her rookie partner Hyun-gi happen onto an incendiary homicide case. While Hyun-gi is goofing up and distracting So-young, So-young (Lee Dong Wook) senses that there is something wrong in the case. They discover that the present case is somehow related to the mysterious death of a girl ten years previously. At this point, So-young becomes plagued with nightmares in which the girl appears. And the serial killings continue.

According to Wikipedia, Arang is a figure in the folklore of the Miryang area of Korea. According to the legend, she was the daughter of a magistrate (busa) of Miryang during the Joseon Dynasty. Her wicked nanny conspired to have the servant Baekga seize her at night and rape her; however, she resisted and Baekga stabbed her to death. Her father, thinking she had eloped with a stranger, resigned his position in shame. Thereafter, whenever a new magistrate was appointed Arang's corpse would appear; soon no-one would take the position. At last a bold man named Yi Sang-sa was appointed to the post, and he promised Arang's ghost that he would avenge her. He had Baekga seized and executed. Thereafter, her spirit ceased to trouble the town. The Aranggak shrine, where Arang's spirit is venerated, still stands in Miryang, on the Yeongnamnu bluff overlooking the Miryang River. Traditionally, rites were held in her honor on the 16th day of the 4th month of the Chinese calendar.

Forget Japanese horror flicks. Watch Korean ones! Much better. Japanese horror flicks became popular when Hollywood starting remaking them - The Ring, Dark Water, One Miss Call, The Grudge, Pulse, etc. Hollywood even remade the popular Thai horror film, Shutter. Although Hollywood hasn't touched Korean horror films yet but remade two popular Korean films My Sassy Girl and Il Mare, I won't be surprise when Hollywood remakes Korean horrors in the future though.

I looove horror/thriller films. Usually I don't get scared easily and always looking forward to seeing more horror films to actually do that, so it's a challenge for me to watch a really good horror film. What makes a good horror film? Good script, sound effects, and editing. Comparing Asian films to American films, Asian films have more of a silent scare versus American films having sound effects. For example, in an Asian film, the girl can look in the mirror and suddenly see a ghost in the mirror. With American films, it will be silent, then all of a sudden you will hear a loud noise to alert you there's something there. Regardless I still love watching horror films - that's why I decided to watch Arang.

Like most horror films, the main character has to investigates why there are such killing. Arang is no different from that. Song Yoon Ah is cute and a pleasure to watch. What makes Arang enjoyable to watch is Lee Dong Wook. I was drooling over him. He's so hot! This was my first dosage of Wookie. Storyline to Arang is not bad. There were moments were you felt like you were watching The Grudge. The conclusion has a big twist which shocked me. Worth a watch for horror fanatics and for eye candy - Lee Dong Wook.

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