Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cmovie - Seoul Raiders (2005)

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Seoul Raiders is the sequel to director Jingle Ma's hugely successful blockbuster Tokyo Raiders. Tony Leung reprises his role as Japanese special agent Lam, this time on an intricate search for a pair of "Avenger" plates used for the making of counterfeit U.S. currency. During the hunt, he comes across foxy lady JJ (Shu Qi), and US Embassy staff member Owen (Richie Ren), who manages to con the plates out of Lam and flee to Korea. Lam and JJ immediately follow Owen to Korea, only to be confronted by the legendary kingpin known as Polar Bear, the head of the largest counterfeit organization in Asia...

I saw the prequel Toyko Raiders a year ago and found it entertaining. Plus having one of the sexiest Asian actress, Shu Qi, to star in the sequel is a plus! Instead of Japan being the destination, this time it's Korea! Yah!

Movie started off very well with lots of chasing and fighting, then all of a sudden - the story got dull.

Movie started to turn a bit too glamorous and focused on the hot assistant girls. Instead of them showing more of their martial arts skill, they were just being there to look good.

Although I just complained about them, I do like the fact that these girls can still look hot and be tough.

Glad Shu Qi got to kick some a$$ and look good. I love her flexible moves. She's one of my fave actresses in the Hong Kong industry.

Plus there were quite a bit of comedic moments, which was good but then I got bored easily.

Overall a disappointment, but if you're a Tony Leung or Shu Qi fan, it may be worth it. Just for them.

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