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Jmovie - Sweet Rain (2008)

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Chiba (Takeshi Kaneshiro) appears seven days before a person dies an unexpected death. His job is to observe the person for seven days, and then decide either to ‘execute’ or ‘pass over’. Getting his work quickly out of the way, he goes to the listening booth of a CD shop and indulges in his favorite pastime, listening to ‘humanity’s greatest invention’: music. He is...a Grim Reaper. Today, again, in the rain, he waits. His subject, her death due in seven days, is Kazue Fujiki (Manami Konishi), 27. She works for a manufacturing company, in the complaints department. Exhausted after her day, she emerges from her office. It’s time for the Reaper to go to work.

Interesting notes about the movie, taken from AsianMediaWiki -
-- Based on the novel ‘The Accuracy of Death’ (Bungei Shunju Publishers) by Kotaro Isaka.
-- Kotaro Isaka long resisted offers to have the book filmed, he is said to have given his ready consent if Takeshi Kaneshiro were to be the star.

One reason to watch Sweet Rain - enough for me to watch

I'm not a big fan of Japanese movies. The ones I end up watching, I wasn't impress with. However, with an exception of two - Be With You and Love Letter.

Ever since I saw Takeshi in House of Flying Daggers, I've always found him very attracted. But now, he's taking it to another level of hotness. He can act and sing.

Takeishi plays a grim reaper who gives the thumbs up or down if that person is going to die. But when encountering with the humans, he disguises himself as a human too.

Manami Konishi plays a very timid girl who thinks she doesn't deserve to live because everyone she loves ends up dead.

There were no romantic chemistry between the two but they worked well together.

I am an animal fan! So seeing the black lab was a plus. I always wanted a black lab. He is Takeshi's side-kick who guides him.

The movie is definitely a must watch! Not only for Takeshi fans but for the storyline.

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