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Fmovie - Eternity (2006)

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Eternity is an epic romance about a pair of star-crossed lovers Crisanto (Dingdong Dantes) and Milagros (Iza Calzado) and how true love transcends different lifetimes. In the face of family hostilities and atrocities, the two continue to fight for their love until the bitter end.

Cholo (Mark Herras) and Maegan (Jennylyn Mercado) are two different people with different backgrounds, finding each other as if by fate. It’s as if they’ve known each other all their lives! But the young lovers’ romance is thwarted by their respective families’ deep-rooted dislike for each other.

Will history repeat itself? Or will love finally conquer all the odds this time around?

Wow, I have such a hard time finding stills for this movie!!! I'm too lazy to make caps so I decided to find pictures of the four main stars.

My Pinay friend is awesome. We both have been trading movies. She suggested that I started to watch a few of her favorite Filipino movies. Why not? So she sent me two Filipino movies to watch. Although Eternity is not the first Filipino movie I've seen, it definitely is the first one that was recommended to me.

The first Filipino movie I've seen was Cavite. That's only because the Bollywood (Hindi) remade it. The Bollywood title is Aamir. Read my comparisons here at my Indian Cinema blog.

Filipino men are hot.

Dingdong Dantes. I don't love his name but his looks and acting make up for it! He is one of the most popular Filipino stars! He is famous for his acting and good looks.

See, he is a model too. Just check out the pic...

Iza Calzado is just simply breathtaking, just so gorgeous. She gave me a JLo vibe. She made her Hollywood debut in The Echo, which is a remade of her Filipino movie, Sigaw.

I like her acting and want to see more of her.

Then there's the other lead star, Mark Herras. He's attractive in his own ways and has a youthful look to him.

I adored his character on screen. Acting wise, I cannot say I would want to see more of him but I wouldn't mind.

Lastly, the other heroine of the film, Jennylyn Mercado. I really adore her. Not only is she gorgeous, she was the best, to me, out of everyone in the movie.

I started to read more about Jennylyn. From Wikipedia, I read about her real life scandals and struggles. Because of all that, I like her even more!! She is also a wonderful singer!

I love this pic of Mark & Jennylyn. They used to date too

I think I love movies too much. I already watch too many. Now add Filipino movies :)

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