Friday, April 30, 2010

Fmovie - Moments of Love (2006)

She lives in the past, he lives in the present, ..can love defy the bound of time?

In a sleepy lakeside town, time curves for two people to meet and part. In the end, all that is left are their Moments of Love.

Again, I had a really hard time finding movie stills on Moments of Love, just like I did with Eternity

I saw Eternity and Moments of Love back-to-back. Both are good in their own ways but it was Moments of Love won!

Moments of Love is has the same storyline of the two Korean movies, Il Mare and Ditto. Communicating with someone from the past/future in some kind of way. Very unexplainable.

Whether or not, how unrealistic it is. I still loved the movie. The acting is amazing. I already saw both Dingdong and Iza from Eternity but gosh, they have sizzling chemistry in this movie. And they are rarely shown together!

I officially want to see more Filipino movies

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