Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cmovie - 49 Days (2006)

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Lau Sing (Stephen Fung) as a successful entrepeneur of a medicinal company. He must leave his wife and children for a number of years while he goes off to make his fortune, and his business a success. His business is medicinal herbs: some from various plants and animals which indeed makes him very successful. However, he has a scheming business partner whom he thought was a close friend. The films antagonist, Pang Shi (Ho-Yin Wong) betrays his friend Lau Sing, and is responsible for the deaths of several people when he torches Lau Sings' business. Lau Sing is charged with the crime. It is here where the film introduces the character Siu Chin (Gillian Chung) who acts as Lau's defense attorney.

From the dvd cover, you would think it's a horror/thriller. Apparently, it's not. Well, not really. There are haunting moments but nothing scary. There are good moments but overall, a complete letdown.

I am a huge fan of Stephen Fung and Gillian Cheung but cannot say the same about the movie.

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