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Kmovie - The Good The Bad The Weird (2008)

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Set in the 1930s Manchurian desert where lawlessness rules and many different ethnic groups clash, three Korean men fatefully meet each other on a train. The train's diverse passengers and imminent danger with guns and knives everywhere serves as a microcosm of the turbulent times. Do-won is a bounty hunter who tracks down any criminals with rewards on their heads. Chang-yi is the leader of a group of tough-as-nails bandits. He cannot stand to be the second best. Tae-goo is a train robber with nine lives. The three strangers engage in a chase across Manchuria to take possession of a map Tae-goo discovers while robbing the train. Also on the hunt for the mysterious map are the Japanese army and Asian bandits. In this unpredictable, escalating battle for the map, who will stand in the end as the winner?

Korean cowboy style! That's what I thought when I first saw previews. I'm not a Western cowboys type of movie person. I passed when I first heard about it.

So what made me change my mind???


That man is so gorgeous!. Total hotness.

Lee Byun Hun is my fave Korean actor. He can act and is sooo irresitably hot as the villian. He was a badass, don't-mess-with-me pain but so good at it.

Even though I looooooooved LBH in the movie, it was Song Kang Ho all the way. The movie should've been titled, "The Weird The Bad The Good." I love his silliness!!

Jung Woo Sung does well in his part but is a little underappreciated because of LBH & SKH. He was more of the cool, calm guy.

Must see, just for Lee Byun Hun. The action scenes were good. However, I like more physical contact. It's hard for me to explain but in a lot of Korean movies, the action are done very well, especially the gun shooting scenes.

But when it comes to the physical fight scenes, those are not done well. It's almost cartoonish. For example, the hero and villian will be fighting, you see the hero pull out a sword to stab the villian. You won't actually see the sword go through the villian. Instead you will see hero with the sword, then the villian with the sword wound. I want to see it all!

I know, that's just my pet peeve. Otherwise, the movie is pure fun!

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