Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cmovie - Heavenly Mission (2006)

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Young and Dangerous icon Ekin Cheng steps into a new triad role in his latest film, Heavenly Mission. Directed by James Yuen (Crazy N' The City), Heavenly Mission pits Ekin Cheng in a dangerous game of wits and bullets against Alex Fong (One Nite in Mongkok) and Stephen Fung (House of Fury). The film also features an impressively star-studded supporting cast including Julian Cheung (Wo Hu), Eric Kot, Wayne Lai, Wong Yau Nam (Men Suddenly in Black), Niki Chow (Love Battlefield), and Shaw Brothers veteran Di Lung. Entertaining and intriguing, Heavenly Mission is an uncommon triad action drama that engages from beginning to end.

After eight years in Thai prison, legendary triad leader Autumn Yip (Ekin Cheng) returns to Hong Kong, sending the police, the underworld, and the media into frenzy as they try to anticipate his next big move. Teaming up with his former buddies, the high-profile Autumn opens a legitimate company, gives to charity, and appears every bit a mild-mannered, reformed man. Seasoned cop Ming (Alex Fong), however, is convinced that his actions are a front for something illegal. Equally suspicious is aggressive triad boss Ghost (Stephen Fung) who resorts to nefarious tactics to challenge both Autumn and the police.

Intersting storyline but some parts bored me. I felt that the script had potential but the characters were never fully developed.

I watched this movie mainly for Stephen Fung. He is my Hong Kong crush. I know most people like other stars, but I adore Stephen ever since House of Fury. I love his cute dimples!

Another plus besides Stephen Fung and Ekin Cheng is Ti Lung. I was a huge fan of his 1970s martial arts Shaw Brothers movies back in the

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