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Cmovie - After This Our Exile (2006)

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In the hopeless pursuit of happiness, Aaron Kwok stars as Shing, a man who desperately attempts to hold onto the dwindling threads of his family. Once a man who had a dream, Shing has become a deadbeat gambler whose marriage is failing with wife Lin (Charlie Yeung). Shing's machoistic ego overrides any reasonable logic for change, which forces Lin to leave Shing repeatedly. After finally managing to escape, Shing is left with nothing but his son, Lok-Yun (Goum Ian Iskandar).

Hoping in vain to pay back loansharks, Shing turns to his loving son, Lok-Yun, who has somehow retained his filial loyalty. In his most desperate hour, Shing forces his struggle of survival onto his son, Lok-Yun, through thievery and tests the strength of loyalty and the boundaries of trust in their father-son relationship. With each passing day, the bond of love is threatened with Shing's unrepentant ways.

Gosh, I know so little about the Hong Kong film industry except for a few popular stars but Aaron Kwok is enough for me to watch this movie. However, the synopsis is just so intruging that I had to block all that out.

Aaron Kwok was soooo good in his character. I've never seen him play a father. And a negative one too. I didn't see Aaron Kwok. I saw the character Shing. Right now, Aaron has a top spot on my favorite Hong Kong actors. He is so versatile.

His facial expressions gets me every time. He makes you love him. Yet hate him at the same time.

I've never seen anything of Charlie Yeung but she was really good. She played Lin, the wife of Shing. I found the character Lin very selfish. I despise mothers who leave their children behind.

The little boy, Gouw Ian Iskandar, should get a lot of recognition. He is really good!

All he wanted was the love from both of his parents. I see Gouw Ian Iskandar going in high places in the future.

Not enough for you to watch? Then check this out....
Must watch!!!

Awards and nominations for After This Our Exile

1st Rome Film Festival
Competition Section

11th Pusan International Film Festival
Official Selection

Tokyo International Film Festival
Best Artistic Contribution
Best Asian Film

10th Toronto Reel Asian International Festival
Opening Film

43rd Golden Horse Awards
Won: Best Feature Film
Won: Best Actor (Aaron Kwok)
Won: Best Supporting Actor (Gouw Ian Iskandar)

26th Hong Kong Film Awards
Won: Best Picture
Won: Best Director (Patrick Tam)
Won: Best Supporting Actor (Gouw Ian Iskandar)
Won: Best Screenplay
Won: Best New Performer (Gouw Ian Iskandar)


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