Monday, August 3, 2009

Cmovie - A Moment of Romance (1990)

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Wah Dee, a young triad gangster, is the getaway driver in a jewelry store robbery. When the raid goes wrong, he takes a young woman named Jo Jo hostage. The head of Wah Dee's gang, Trumpet, demands that she be killed, but Wah Dee resists and saves her. Despite that Wah Dee and Jo Jo come from disparate backgrounds, the two fall in love but still face many difficulties.

Andy Lau. This man is so talented. He can act and sing. He's so busy but still makes quality movies. I can see why he's Hong Kong's best. In A Moment of Romance, Andy plays a bad-ass gangster but falls in love with the girl, who he took as a victim.

Wu Chien Lien plays the rich, naive girl who falls for the bad guy.

A Moment of Romance entertained me from beginning to end.

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