Monday, August 3, 2009

Cmovie - Lavender (2000)

Synopsis - CineMasie
Photos - Takeshi website

Athena is an aromatherapy tutor but can't heal up her wound at heart. One day, she finds a broken-wing angel falling on her balcony. The angel needs love to keep him alive until he can go back to heaven, whereas he can't fall in love with someone. A scented romantic affair is gradually developed between Athena and the angel.

Takeshi is just too adorable! I'm becoming more infatuated with him. He plays the angel with broken wings who do not know how it feels to be loved.

Kelly Chen plays Athena. She is still looking for that special scent. She has lost her love and is heart broken. I've always adored Kelly and think she's beautiful.

I really like the Takeshi and Kelly pairing.

Lavender is suppose to be a relax, calming scent. Honestly, to me, I don't like the smell.

Even though Lavender got really bad reviews, I liked it. Yes, there were many WTH moments, but it was an enjoyable movie.

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