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Cmovie - If You Are the One (2008)

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Mainland director Feng Xiaogang returns to the small story for his latest film, the romantic comedy If You Are The One starring top actress Shu Qi and popular Mainland actor and Feng Xiaogang regular Ge You. Feng's once-a-year Lunar New Year offerings are box-office guarantees in China, and If You Are The One has been no exception, turning into one of the China's highest-grossing films of all time. After Banquet and Assembly, Feng goes back to the smartly scripted comedies he's best known for to tell the humorous, yet heartbreaking tale of a wealthy middle-aged man's long-winded journey to find his other half. Keeping some of Feng's recent penchant for grandeur, If You Are the One features sweeping photography and beautiful location shoots in China and Japan, not to mention a star-studded supporting cast that includes Taiwan beauty Vivian Hsu (The Knot), Hong Kong actor Alex Fong Chung Sun (One Nite in Mongkok), and Mainland stars Fan Wei (Set Off) and Hu Ke (Royal Tramp).

Nouveau riche entrepreneur Qin Fen (Ge You) turned into an overnight millionaire after selling off an unlikely invention. Now all he needs is someone to share the wealth with. With his below-average looks and above-average wallet, Qin Fen sets out to find a wife through online personal ads, and ends up meeting a long lineup of strange candidates. But he holds a torch for only one: Smiley (Shu Qi), a gorgeous flight attendant with a married lover (Alex Fong) and tons of emotional baggage.

When you mix an ugly duckling with a smoking-hot girl, what do you get?

Ge You isn't the most attractive guy to look at. But he sure is funny! He plays the older guy looking for a mate.

Shu Qi is hot! I'm a fan of hers and try to watch her movies if given the chance. She plays a flight attendant who is in love with a married guy. She tries to move on with her life and look for someone else.

When both are trying to find mates, they end up finding each other through personal ads.

The beginning had me entertained but fell apart in the second half. I felt it was dragging. Most Hong Kong movies fall right at the 1 hour and a half mark. But with this movie, it was right at 2 hours. I felt that 30 mins of it could have been cut off.

Overall, not a bad movie, but it isn't the best either. Watch for Shu Qi.

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